Thursday, 28 January 2016

The 'Church' Girl- 9

Feranmi was always seen in the church engaging in one form of activity or the other.She was active in virtually all activities which made her to be considered a special girl.
The pastors in the children's church cherished her so much that her absence on any day was greatly felt.At that time, she was already 11 and her parents had resorted to fate as to the possibility of birthing other children. Feranmi then became the apple of her parents' eye.

Her father always ensured her  summer holidays were spent abroad. The last one was in the United States and she wrote an interesting essay about her voyage when she returned to school.The essay was beautifully written and her teacher had to display it on the notice board.All those who read the narrative essay were so impressed of Feranmi's choice of words.

Feranmi could simply be otherwise addressed as a gifted child.She had all the qualities of a talented child bequeathed on her; hence, her parents felt blessed all the time.
In spite of the unique features the young damsel had, there was something outright strange about her which remains inexplicable to her parents.

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