Thursday, 21 January 2016

The 'Church' Girl- 8

Several years passed after Mama's visit.Nothing had happened and the couple were living their normal lives.
By now, Feranmi was already 10 years old and was preparing for common entrance into Federal Secondary School. Since Mr. and Mrs. George had no other child, they deemed it fit to bring their only daughter up in the way the Lord.They insisted she would be a day student.

Both parents were now deacons in the church and their daughter was pretty active in the children orchestra group. She had been playing violin since age 6 and had mastered it fairly well.She also learnt how to play piano during music lessons at school.

At that early age, Feranmi sings beautifully and was very effective in the children choir. Her parents were always proud of her each time she won any prize in the church's competition.

Mr. George had successfully become very affluent. His company won several contracts in the last few years which had skyrocketed his financial status.
His company recently opened another branch in Victoria Island; and business was indeed booming for him. Since few months back, he had been getting several proposals from strange women who would disguised as clients.  One beautiful thing about him was that he was a disciplined man to the core. He really didn't care if he had just a child- a girl for that matter ; in a society where male chauvinism was the order of the day. In fact, his brothers had suggested he had an affair without his wife's consent since he was financially capable. He seriously admonished them against such negative advice.

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