Friday, 15 January 2016

The 'Church' Girl- 6

Mama refused to say anything until after lunch. The meal was delicious as envisaged by Mrs. George. Mama was actually impressed but she refused to express her commendation due to her earlier dispute with Nkechi.

"Edikan, what is going on? Una no wan born another pikin?  Mama slammed at Mr. George without even minding his wife's reaction. "Time dey go o, your brother do born 2 pikin after una born. Your sister wey don born 2 boys before, born twins last year.   Twins! Two fine girls" , Mama passionately narrated.

"See Abigail na already  5 years old una no even do like say una wan born another pikin. Wetin happen?" She burst into uncontrollable tears.
Mama's voice was so loud that Abudu the gate man heard her voice and wondered what could be happening inside the house.

Mr. George and his wife patiently watched Mama as she unequivocally expressed her thoughts loudly.They were not bothered about her voice, as their building was well partitioned enough for their neighbours to hear any noise emanating from it.

Mr. George politely asked his Mum if she still had other things to talk about.She responded with a nod signifying a no.

At that stage, reality dawned on Mrs. George that indeed Feranmi truly clocked 5 on February
11.She was truly due to have a younger sibling. How could she have forgotten in the last 3 years that she never missed her period for once? She deeply thought.  Her husband stared at her for a while before he  began to make his comments.
 To be continued. ..

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