Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The 'Church' Girl- 5

"Mama, as you could see, we are already preparing for Church. Let's discuss when we get back in the afternoon."Mr. George told his mum. She insisted she had to bare all her mind before anyone could step out of the house. However, after much persuasion, she consented to take a chill pill until they return from church. She reluctantly followed them to church.

They returned from church around 1pm; it was quite later than the usual 11:30am owing to the beehive of activities that accompanied the Easter Sunday celebration.
The sermon centered on the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and its significance on the present day world. They all had a great time in God's presence.

"Nkechi quickly go and prepare Jollof rice for everyone to eat", Mrs. George directed. "Make sure it is delicious as usual,"She jokingly added. Nkechi is a good cook and also very respectful.Mr. and Mrs. George always appreciate the fact that they were blessed having her as their maid. Nkechi went into the kitchen immediately.

They all sat in the living room and Mama stealthily admired her grand daughter ,as she had grown considerably compared to 3 years back when she last saw Feranmi. "My grand daughter, come sit for my lap", she said grudgingly. Feranmi excitedly jumped on her lap. "Don't break grandma's legs,"her  dad quickly warned.

"Mama so let's talk, what led to this impromptu and unexpected visit? " Mr. George quizzed.

To be continued. ..

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