Saturday, 9 January 2016

The 'Church' Girl- 3

The choice of the baby's name was debated even when they were courting. Mr George had affirmed that a Yoruba name will be adopted for their first baby if it were a girl  and an Efik name if it were a boy and again Efik names if they were twins irrespective of their sex. Hence, the names Oluwaferanmi Abigail Precious were given to the cute little baby. For easy pronunciation, friends and relatives quickly shortened the name to Feranmi. Oluwaferanmi is a Yoruba name which means 'God loves me'.

Feranmi continued to grow steadily and by 15 months, her mum had weaned her.She had to quickly take the decision when Feranmi gave her a strong bite on her nipple. Mrs. George quickly concluded that her little baby had gotten enough of the natural milk.

She placed Feranmi on baby formula and also began to introduce some home made food to her.Mama was still very much around as Feranmi's nanny.She promised to leave by the time Feranmi clocks 2.By then, Mrs. George plans to enrol her in a nursery school that will have after school services since she often closes at 5pm. She works in VI and considering the traffic congestion on the third mainland bridge, she needs a school that would provide such services.

Mr. George was doing pretty well in his career as a top notch Estate surveyor. Within the last few years, he had acquired about 3 properties of his own in the Island area of Lagos. Of the three properties, the one at Agungi seems to be the closest to their offices.For this reason, they moved out of the rented 2-bed room flat at Ebute-metta to a 4-bedroom duplex in Agungi.

"Darling, God has indeed been faithful to us," Mrs. George joyously affirmed. Indeed, He has, her husband smiled briskly. Both couple never paid attention to the fact that by now, their daughter was already 5 and should at least have a little brother or sister; whichever is applicable.

Their worry began when Mama decided to pay them an unanticipated visit during Easter in April 1996.

Mama did the unexpected....

To be continued

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