Sunday, 10 January 2016

The 'Church' Girl- 4

It was Easter Sunday and already Mr. and Mrs. George were gorgeously dressed for Church. The service on such occasion is often exceptionally special, hence most people don't dare miss it.

Mama had boarded a night bus on Saturday and arrived as early as 7 am in Lagos. Mr. George never suspected she was paying them a visit when she requested for their new address. They were still residing in their Ebute-Metta apartment the  last time Mama visited Lagos.He had  informed his parents about his family's relocation to their own private house and they were excited about the news.

When the door bell rang, Nkechi, the new maid was the one who opened the door.She had never seen Mama before and did not know whom she was. She politely enquired in basic English whom Mama wanted to see. Mama responded with a sheepish smile that she sought after her son 'Edikan'.  Nkechi was oblivious of Mr. George's first name, hence a little drama ensued between Mama and her until Mrs. George heard their voice and quickly came to Nkechi's rescue. "Please Ma, do you mean Daddy Feranmi? Nkechi asked respectfully. "Na Daddy Abigail I wan see"Mama replied her in Pidgin English. Although Mama knows the child is called Feranmi but she really does not support the Yoruba name idea.
If not that some of their church members often call Feranmi by the name Abigail, Nkechi would not have known.

At this stage, Mrs. George quickly came to the door as she had heard some voices emanating from the door arena. She happily welcomed Mama but Mama's countenance  turned out to be that of a different person entirely.

Mama never liked Nkechi after that funny episode.

To be continued....

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