Thursday, 17 December 2015

To Cover or not to Cover?

Apostle Paul via the injunction of the Holy Spirit gave most of the instructions in his Epistles as recorded in the New Testament. Two of the most interesting instructions are given in the book of 1 Corinthian 11.They include advice on covering and holy communion.

Today, I will start with Paul's instruction on hair covering in the church. Specifically, Apostle Paul gave his own verdict based on his spiritual prowess and instincts. The subject of whether it is proper to cover one's hair in the church is currently generating controversies among christian churches. In the first 13 verses, christian women are significantly admonished to restrain from uncovering their hair in the church as they represent the glory of their husbands (1 Cor 11:5) .

However, another verdict is later given(1 Cor11:14) based on the length of the woman's hair; that is, if she has a long hair. The long hair in this case serves as a form of covering.

Let's try to apply this principle to Nigeria. Naturally in Nigeria, only few women have long hair unlike women in the western world. Lately, you even find women on low cut uncover their hair, which indicate the upsurge in the trend. It is dishonorable to uncover our hair under any pretense as it costs us nothing to buy a scarf or cap which makes us look decent and presentable.

Come to think of it! You are in the presence of Almighty God- The Creator of the Universe. Why not honor Him.

To be continued!

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