Monday, 18 January 2016

The 'Church' Girl- 7

Mr. George's comment was a shocking one ; even his wife did not believe he was that outspoken.
"Mama don't ever come into my house to mention anything about giving birth or not. Also, please don't ever compare my marriage with another.", he warned his mother.  "In fact Mama you have to start going now cos your further stay may cause problems in this home." He added.

Mama's gaze was that of bewilderment and amazement. She winked her eyes to be certain she was in the presence of her own dear son and not anywhere else.

Mr. George went into his room in a rush and came out with 2 packets of N20 note. He handed it over to Mama and instructed her to use it for her transportation back to Calabar. He further instructed that he would be the one to invite her next time and she should endeavour not to pay them such impromptu visit another time.

Mama did not utter any word; rather she picked her bag from the couch then she dropped the money her son earlier gave to her on the table. She then slammed the door and headed towards the gate. No one attempted to pacify her to stay behind and disregard all that her son had said. If at all anyone wanted to intervene, that should have been Mrs. George but considering her mood at the time, she was also lost in thought.

To be continued...

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