Monday, 29 June 2015

Finding Favour in Times of Difficulty

The story of how Queen Esther obtained extraordinary favour from  King Ahasuerus in the book of Esther 5 verse 2 gives an assurance that God is still in the business of granting divine favour.

The Queen earlier on had thought she would meet the unexpected when she saw the king . However she got what she never bargained for.
Likewise, present day Christians should be brave and courageous to take up any challenge even when danger is imminent. The truth is God can turn around things for you similar way he intervened in Esther's case.

You might have concluded that it is over for you.Mind you, your conclusion is not God's conclusion. At all times God has a final say.
I pray that the God that favoured Esther even in the face of her enemies will favour you today in Jesus name.

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