Monday, 8 February 2016

The 'Church Girl'- 10

At exactly 2am every Sunday, a scream was often heard from Feranmi's room.Her parents really had no clue as to the reason for that and they had not taken any precautionary measure.

But on one particular Sunday night, Mrs. George decided to check in her daughter's room.She had set alarm before going to bed. She hid behind the door and was ready to open same at exactly 2am. She wore her wristwatch and was waiting patiently.

Immediately it was 1:59am, she opened the door and lo and behold, she found a rat scratching the leg of her daughter. Feranmi screamed as usual and the rat fled within infinitesimal second.Mrs. George gently traced the hideout of the rat and found out that it was just behind her daughter's wardrobe.

She woke Feranmi up and took her to the Master bedroom. Mr. George was also awake and was wondering what had happened considering the time. "Darling! I'm sure u wouldn't believe what has been frightening Oluwaferanmi for a while now" Mrs
.George spoke quietly.
"Sweetheart, I can't wait to know", he said inquisitively
"Rat" she answered affirmatively and burst into uncontrollable giggles.

By the next morning, she left an instruction for Nkechi before going to work. "The bricklayer will come before noon.I will call him on the phone.So make sure you show him the hole so he can block it permanently" Mrs. George directed her maid and left for work.

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