Monday, 13 April 2015

The 'Church' Girl - 1

Feranmi George was born  with a silver spoon stuck right there in her mouth. As the only child of her parents,she was overly indulged and pampered. Mr and Mrs George tied the nuptial knot on 3rd June,1990 and just like any other couple around, Mrs George conceived immediately because she was in the middle of her circle. She had felt the ovulation cramps only yesterday, although she forgot to intimate her husband about it.However by perfect calculation, they  made love and the tiny creature began to form surreptitiously.
"Darling, I am feeling nauseous this morning, what could be the cause? Mrs George uttered.Could it be as a result of the veggies I munched last night? She supposed. "Remember I am allergic to pumpkins." "Oh yeah!That's true sweetheart." Mr George responded swiftly.

Before their marriage, they had debated on the endearing names they would adopt henceforth and Mrs George suggested 'darling' while Mr George preferred 'sweetheart'.They assured each other not to change the names even when their kids start flowing in.

"We must meet Dr Benson as soon as possible",Mr George proposed.The couple had known Dr Benson for a while.He was a member of their fellowship in the University.A very devout Christian who in spite of the nature of his course -Medicine- never ceased to attend church programmes.In fact he was serially dedicated to church activities. At some point, he was anointed as the brother co-ordinator.
Based on his convincing spiritual record, both couples never erred by choosing Dr Benson as their family Doctor.Moreover, Dr Benson and Mr Goerge were both aborigines of Cross River state in the south-southern part of Nigeria precisely from Obubra town and they both spoke Efik and Ejagham fluently. They had their formative years in the village before their parents relocated to Lagos. Mrs George was from Idanre Town in Ondo state.

By the time they got to Dr Ben son's office, he had a queue of patients who were desperate to see him."Seems many people fall ill nowadays" Mrs George said."Bad weather is the sole cause, her husband retorted" But bad weather isn't the trigger for our visit", Mrs George quickly replied.

Almost about 30 minutes later, Dr Benson emerged with his robost stature, from his cubicular office."Mr and Mrs George!" he exclaimed.He had not seen them after their elaborate wedding ceremony. "Hmmm pleased to see the two love birds once again" How has marriage life been?He inquired quizzically."Sweet" Mrs George answered briskly. "Glory be to God" ,Dr Benson replied.

After much explanation, a pregnancy test was conducted and indeed it was true.

To be continued next week....

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