Monday, 30 March 2015

Sanitize your Prayer Altar!

We must have read at several points in the bible, especially at the time of Moses that ordinary people were not privileged to move close to God's altar.They usually stood afar off.This was because the sight of God's presence was often too sacred to behold(Exo20:18-19; Habakkuk 1:13).

God is considered very holy and he usually have special people whom he allow access to His altar.Moses was a significant personality who intercedes on behalf of the Israelites. There was an innermost part of the sanctuary termed as 'Holy of the Holies' where the ark of God was kept and no ordinary individual could enter.It was only  the High Priest that enters there once a year on the Day of Atonement(Heb 9:7; Rev21:16).

Nowadays, we are so lucky that we can have our own prayer 'altar' at home.Owning an altar was a profane  practice in the ancient times.In fact, it sounded weird to profess you own an altar because it was almost impossible; it was an impious act.

Today, we live under divine grace which allows us engage in practices that were totally sacrilegious in the time of old.Jesus Christ has enabled us access into the Holy of the Holies;we can now bodly enter to God's presence(Heb 6:19-20).A funny practice is the misuse of the grace God has bestowed upon us through Jesus Christ.No matter how  much liberty we possess, God is forever Holy (IPet1:16) and without 'Holiness no man shall see God(Heb12:14).' You may wonder God seems afar off from you.Check your prayer altar, has it  become filthy? By 'filthiness', I mean both physical and spiritual dirtiness.God is a spirit; we are humans.Thus, there is a need to ostensibly strike a balance.We must sanitize our environment physically and spiritually so as to measure up with God's standard.The key to spiritual cleanliness is HOLINESS both within and without, while that of physical cleanliness we probably know.

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