Saturday, 12 July 2014

Do You Still Want To Paint Your Nails?

This is basically a fatherly as well as a spiritual advice to all ladies who do not want to remain toddlers in the school of deliverance. According to Dr Daniel Olukoya, the  GO of MFM church worldwide, colours have their spiritual connotations. Hence , the fashion act of painting of nails have deep spiritual undertones. If you are fond of painting your fingers and toes, you may want to know the spiritual meanings-cum-implications of some of the common colours. Red:represents the covering of blood;Orange:stands for the covering of evil; Yellow:covering of weakness; Black:covering of death; and Pink:represents the covering of lust.Your hands are your instruments of prayer, deliverance, honour and war . Do not render them spiritually incapacitated by your own negligent acts.

Paraphrased from Dr D.K Olukoya's message titled, "Deliverance of the Hand" on Weds 9th July,2014.

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