Tuesday, 3 September 2013

AWESOME TESTIMONY:I witnessed a powerful testimony in church last Sunday which I am compelled to share with you.It was testimony session again and as usual,everybody was excited waiting to hear another intriguing testimony.Truly,our expectations were not cut short once again.After about five testifiers had proclaimed what God did for them, a woman who eventually was the last to come out gave her name as Mrs Twins(that had been the routine;you have to mention your name for identification purposes).She narrated what I termed the most emotional testimony I had listened to in the year 2013.Although I heard something similar in January 2013.A summary of her testimony is best described in Matthew 19:26 which says :“Jesus looked at them and said with man this is impossible,but with God all things are possible.” Back to the story,Mrs Twins got married at the age of 42(an age when most women had closed the chapter of childbearing) in 1999.Ever since then,she had been looking up to God for the fruit of the womb.No baby was forthcoming,then she began to sought medical help.She conducted all necessary tests as well as surgeries that could aid her conception;in fact she travelled abroad for fertility treatments yet all to no avail.Then she remembered that there is a God who can do all things.She quickly ran to God for spiritual assistance.She joined several prayer meetings in the church.With the spirit of enough is enough,she decided to participate in the 2012 70 days fasting and prayer programme of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.Guess what?Just at the beginning of the programme,Mrs Twins who was already in a menopausal age of 55 conceived,in fact she was oblivious of the pregnancy,it was when she began to bleed that she rushed to the hospital.She was placed on bed rest for some months owing to her age.In April 2013 at an advanced age of 56,Mrs Twins delivered a bouncy baby boy without any form of complication.She named her son Emmanuel....Did you heave a sigh?I guess you did.This is touching isn't it.My brethren,there are some stubborn situations that will never go away unless you fast to God(Matthew 17:21).I will implore you today to join in the on-going 70 days Fasting and Prayer tagged:'Prayers to secure fresh oil and distinctive shinning'.You will utmostly be glad you did because God's awesome hand will touch that stubborn situation in your life.You can get the publication at all MFM churches worldwide as well as leading christian bookshops.May God bless you as you participate.

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