Friday, 21 December 2012

The Reason For The Season

It's barely less than four days to the d-day-Christmas.As we are preoccupied with the shopping and travelling plans,do you really recognize the essence of this glorious season?Before you take the kids or even yourself to Santa ,Cinema or Tourist Centre,quickly take a break and reflect deeply on the purpose of the season.As we all know,the centre of focus for Christmas celebration is Our Lord Jesus Christ-his birthday.Is it just about birthday considering the reason Jesus Christ came to the world.Christmas is beyond mere birthday celebration;it's a time to share and show love to our friends and family.It's a time to have a sober reflection on our status with God.Jesus Christ is a product of God's immense love for mankind(John3:16).Jesus Christ,the saviour of the world purposely laid down his life for the redemption of our sins.Do we sincerely love him?Remember you can never celebrate whom you do not love.Hence,before taking any step on Christmas day,try to rededicate yourself to the only begotten son of God so that you can as well become joint heir in God's kingdom.Merry Christmas to you all.Note: CELEBRATE WISELY...  

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